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Gus Is Home

September 20, 2009

Just a quick thank you to all our kind neighbours after an extensive rescue search for the cat. Gus is home safe! He was spotted by a lady with a Jack Russell three streets away, and I’m going to write a short story about it.

Here he is, the devil.


A Message to The Ayrshire Post

September 18, 2009

I am now living in Ayr, since Friday last week. Chris and I are just settling in and exploring our new area. We’re enjoying being near the sea.

I was interested to find the following recent article in my new local rag, The Ayrshire Post. Click below to read the article in a new window.


I support the development of new sites, and I’m angry, though not in the least bit surprised to see opinions like this expressed in a paper before a site has even been chosen or built, let alone lived in. It’s not a great welcome is it? If there were people from any other culture moving to South Ayrshire, or new houses being built, we wouldn’t be treated to this diatribe about the imagined, hypothetical, future theft of gardening tools. And if we did, surely it would not go without comment – there would be a counter argument, a voice of reason, something to remind readers that there is a fuller picture.

If anyone from the paper is reading this, perhaps you’d like to balance your reporting by inviting someone from within the Travelling Community to comment as well? I’d be very happy to suggest a few names.

I’d also like to point all journalists, and anyone who would like to make their own mind up, in the direction of the report, Gypsies and Travellers: Simple Solutions for Living Together. It was published earlier this year by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

‘We are one community- the Travellers and our settled neighbours. We’ve all got something in common: we want our children to be healthy and educated.’

– Gloria Buckley MBE, Romany Gypsy and manager of three authorised sites